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Easyhold Fastening Systems started in 1989 with the production of the EASYHOLD PLUG. The EASYHOLD PLUG has many fixing applications in the Electrical, Plumbing and D.I.Y. fields. Used with a quality cable tie, it is ideal for securing cables or pipes up to 40 mm in diameter. 

During 1996 EASYHOLD’s first junction box was developed to satisfy demand in the telephone, intercom, computer and security fields. Due to its large success in the market place, further J-boxes (junction boxes) were manufactured.

EASYHOLD PLUGS are made from super tough nylon. The installation procedure requires a 8mm hole to be drilled where the EASYHOLD PLUG is to be installed. Thereafter you hammer the EASYHOLD PLUG firmly in position, place the cable/pipe on the plug head and secure with a cable tie. The EASYHOLD PLUG is S.A.B.S. tested and has a best pull out force of 102 kg, the shear force being greater.

Today the product range has increased to include a wider range of fixings.

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Clynton De Fin

Clynton De Fin

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Simon Barnard

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